Sunday 01 March – Week 5

Sunday 01 March – Week 5

Happy March! So it is now officially spring – on the meteorological calendar anyway – and we are having some very spring like weather here with a mixture of clear sunny days and warm wet ones.

Progress continues much as it did last week (are we getting into a routine at last!) with dry days spent outside taming the garden, and wet days spent in the Priory completing the preparations needed before we paint.

Outside, we have completed cutting down the hedge on 3 sides of Granary garden reducing its somewhat overgrown height by 8 feet in places to a more manageable level. It has exposed some significant gaps that need filling with new plants but initially we will fence to make sure we have a secure garden for families and to keep pets in or out as required – as we are a pet friendly holiday venue.

Inside, in the bedrooms and bathroom of Priory we have put beading in the many gaps in the trim around beams and the ceiling, closing the holes between the bathroom and bedroom. We have filled where necessary and next week will start sanding prior to painting. I know what you’re thinking – hasn’t he said he will start the painting many times before … Well, as I’m sure you’ll agree, everything is in the preparation there just happened to be more of that than anticipated – and we have been able to spend more days outside on other tasks.   There will be painting next week – promise – and I’ll blog photos to prove it!

Other challenges have been speaking with EDF to address our electricity issue – see last week’s blog – which, thanks to a very kind, and patient, operator I made some progress. At least it appeased me having waited 40 minutes for anyone to pick up the phone initially – some things are the same in France as they are in England – anyone with EDF there?!

Dave has been busy with his PT. His February 28 day online fitness plan concluded yesterday (pick the short month!) so his focus has shifted to equipping and decorating his gym. He has his first PT session tomorrow via Skype with one of his previous London clients. If you need motivation from a fantastic trainer all you need is a webcam and access to the internet – book your session now …

If you can’t Skype and would prefer that personal treatment, book now to come for one of Dave’s fitness retreat weeks. What better place to come for an intensive period of fitness and have a nutritional plan devised? Miles of open road to cycle and run, a lake to swim in and a fully equipped gym for aerobic and weights training as well as well-appointed, luxury accommodation to relax after a hard day’s work out.

On that accommodation – this week will be focussed on bathrooms. Perhaps you can assist? We would be interested to hear what you would expect to see in a gîte bathroom. What are the must haves (let’s take toilet, sink and bath / shower as given!) that you would expect; what style should we have – modern / contemporary or French rustic?   Please use our comment facility on the website to let us have your views.

Until next week …

À bientôt.