Sunday 01 November – Fire & Ice-ing

A very brief blog this week as we have not completed too many tasks at Kergudon and the autumn has continued to be as unproductive at the end as it was at the start!


I mentioned last week that a repair I had tried to make with a dishwasher – our own – hadn’t proved successful despite it going through a wash cycle completely before I reassembled it.  The new parts we had ordered were delivered late last week so I once again disassembled the machine to replace the pump – YouTube is a brilliant resource for things like this.

The new pump proved really difficult to install but I eventually managed to get it attached only to find that it didn’t resolve the problem.  I tried a number of things, none of which seemed to be effective, so I decided to take the new pump out and put the old pump back in and, for no apparent reason it now seems to work!  Although for how long we have no idea.


Our dishwasher frustrations however pale into insignificance compared to our friendly carpenter who had a proper disaster recently.  We were very pleased with the new back door to Kergudon which was made by John we asked him to make the replacement door we need for Granary following its latch failure.


Having painted the frame a couple of weeks ago, we hoped this week would be dry enough for him to come and fit it.  However, as I was messaging to see when he would be free he, and all of his local pompiers, were busy tackling a fire in one of his workshops.

We send him our best wishes to get back on his feet as soon as possible.


David has been busy too with more Christmas baking and this week was cake icing.  We have 2 large cakes, one for Christmas and another for my birthday, and David makes between 2 and 5 smaller cakes depending on how many of our gîtes are occupied over Christmas.  This week was icing for the smaller cakes – and they look amazing.  We hope our guests will enjoy them as part of their Christmas welcome basket.









Otherwise – no news. I said it has been a slow autumn.  It will continue to be slow at Kergudon over the next couple of weeks and so I won’t blog again until Sunday 22nd December when we should at least have some very festive gîtes to show you.


À bientôt.