Sunday 03 April – What  A Difference a Week Makes

My last blog was after an extended period away which, I mentioned usually means that we have been away from Kergudon.  The absence of a blog last Sunday was not however as we’d been travelling (twice in a month would be excessive), but because we had been making the most of the amazing weather we were enjoying and last Sunday had our first BBQ of 2022.

With the early spring sunshine and heat the garden is starting to awaken and lots of the trees and shrubs are bursting into blossom and leaf.  Sadly the mole too has chosen to awaken with the plants and so begins this year’s game of cat and mouse or man and mole! The ‘Blyckert Magnolia’ we planted last spring evidently enjoys the spot we chose for it as it looks great, and the wisteria is covered in flower bud promising a great display in a week or so.

The BBQ was what will be, we hope the first of many this year.  Although, having dined al fresco, the weather decided to become more wintery again – we even had a short spell of snow, also a first for 2022 – and now we fear the blossoms and new growth will be damaged by any frost and the rain that we are expecting this week.

The last couple of weeks have principally been focussed on progressing the work in Granary.  Our plumber has spent a few days with us and the bathroom has seen the greatest changes.  The water is reconnected in the gîte and we are leak-free – which is always encouraging!

The work we have had done, principally the rewiring, means that we have had to build a couple of stud walls in the bathroom to hide the cables. This has made the room ever so slightly smaller than before, but the layout will be more efficient and the finished room will be so much better.

With the new walls we have taken the opportunity to install some insulation so while smaller, it will be a little warmer too!

I have been in plaster-boarding mode for the last few days and, as well as lining the bathroom, we have decided to hide the old, stippled effect chimney breast in the dining area, and boxed in the repaired beam at the end of the kitchen – and will do so in the master bedroom too.  It is just quicker and easier to get a better looking finish.  Although there is lots of filling and sanding to be done before we’re there yet!

The new kitchen has been delivered in the week.  There is rather more of it than we anticipated!  Thankfully, the dry weather allowed us to leave it outside for a couple of days while we persuaded the digger to start (new battery required) and moved it out of one of the closed garage bays where we can store the kitchen until I am ready to assemble.

The last 2 weeks haven’t been all work, there has been some play.

Our local brewery, located just outside the village of La Feuillée, held an open day to taste a new beer they had created – One for the Road.  The beer was named to mark the centenary of Jack Kerouac’s birth, author of the classic novel ‘On the Road’.  Kerouac’s ancestors lived in the town of Huelgoat, which is adjacent to La Feuillée, and so was the ideal reason to create a very tasty 7.2%(!) beer.

During the tasting the brewery had commissioned an artist to paint a portrait of Kerouac on one of their doors.  The finished product looks great – oddly the further you are from it the better it is – and the short time lapse video of its creation on their Facebook page is excellent.

Brandon had his birthday on Friday too, but it was a low-key event. It’s as if he doesn’t even care at the ripe old age of 6!

Work will continue in Granary in the coming week and we welcome David’s Dad back to Kergudon on Wednesday for the first time since 2019. Hopefully he will see lots of changes!

À bientôt.