Sunday 08 July – Store, Moore, Tour

Last week’s blog picked up on my comment of the previous week, that we need to take more time off and enjoy the experience of being in France, and the weather when that allows.  While we didn’t do that last week, looking back, I am afraid that I can probably say that I have achieved less last week than any other since we have lived here!

This was partly because we were hosting my Dad and his wife, and partly because there has been a lot of good sport worth watching!

Workwise, I started to recommission (aka clear and clean) the boot room.  As, over the construction of the garage, my man-shed has become a dumping ground and so completely unusable as a workshop, the boot room took its place.  The consequence of this was that the boot room became more and more of a dumping ground itself, including where we stored the old water heater that we removed from Granary in November 2016.

I haven’t taken any pictures of the room before the clear up but, having built the new Granary fences in it there was lots of sawdust on the floor, not to mention lots of cobwebs everywhere!  Having been a quiet week, the clear up isn’t actually yet finished but I will show some pics next week.

The only other work task begun was to clear the north end of Grange.  Again, this area has not been a focus up to now and was where I had piled (more) of the slate that I had dug up when I rebuilt the back wall.  It had slowly become overgrown with bramble and a sycamore tree had taken root.  As we have now decided to put the bins on that end of the garage, and we want to gravel that area, it needed to be cleared.

David did his yoga on the shores of the Lac du Drennec on a beautiful morning and then, as there were some very large pieces of stone, a friend of his joined us to start the clearance.  Again this isn’t yet complete!

As I mentioned, we were hosting my Dad and his wife for the week and, while they were with us, we took the opportunity to visit this summer’s exhibition in the Leclerc Cultural Foundation in Landerneau which is on Henry Moore.

As most, I knew of the sculpture work of Henry Moore but this exhibition was an excellent collection of his drawings, sketches, models and architectural work as well as sculpture.  It is another excellent exhibition and, being open to 4th November, is well worth a visit.

As I haven’t achieved too much last week, next week will be busier but, of course, there is another must-see event as the Tour de France passes through Sizun.  The stage we are closest to sees the tour cycle from Brest to Mûr-de-Bretagne passing through the centre of our closest market town, Sizun, and through to Commana, Huelgoat and beyond.

All the villages along the route are starting to make their preparations for the eyes of the world to be on them, albeit briefly.  This generally involves tying colourful bicycles to lampposts and roadsigns.  I suspect Sizun will do more in the coming few days …