Sunday 14th June

As you will recall, we rewarded ourselves with a few days off having completed the refurbishment of Priory last Friday. Well, those few days became the whole of last week and, while we haven’t been completely idle, we have enjoyed what can almost be called a week off, certainly a slower tempo one!

Thankfully this coincided with Dave’s aunt and uncle visiting for a week’s holiday in Hayloft. As I mentioned last week, this was their second visit to us, the first being in February when we hadn’t started the renovations. I am delighted to say that they were really impressed with the changes throughout Kergudon but especially with the change to Hayloft where they stayed for both of their visits. While they may be a little bit biased as family, they have stayed in many many gîtes and chambres d’hotes and they felt that Hayloft was among the best appointed and equipped.

As classic car drivers (theirs was the Morgan that I posted mid-week, sadly not ours) they have fallen in love with this part of France. Not solely because of their love of seafood (although maybe a little bit!) but mainly because of the fabulous roads which are well maintained, empty of traffic and have some breath taking scenery wherever you drive. With the ample secure parking Kergudon is the perfect place to base for a fabulous driving (or motorcycling) holiday any time of year.

Morgan outside Priory - Holiday Homes in FranceMorgan - Holiday Homes in France







Dave and I also enjoyed some of the amazing countryside on Monday having selected a nearby walk in the Monts d’Arrée. Knowing that Kergudon is sited in some beautiful countryside which will attract walkers and ramblers we need to do as many of the picturesque walks in the region. We started in the pretty village of Botmeur, walked to the Reservoir de Saint-Michel and onto the Chapel of Saint Michel (almost) the highest point in Brittany and back to Botmeur. A lovely 16 km walk in total and picnicking with fabulous views.

Chapel St. Mikel - Holiday Homes in FranceChapel and lake - Holiday Homes in France







The remainder of the week has been spent preparing Granary for further work as it has become more of a dumping ground as we complete our gîtes – we desperately need to visit the local déchetterie to dump the tonnes of cardboard that we are collecting with all the new furniture. However, it has mostly been enjoying living in France and visiting places that we have received recommendations for. The latter includes a visit today to a school for children with Downs Syndrome. The school teaches the children number of skills including gardening and horticulture and they run a business providing plants and hanging baskets etc to the local town. At this time of year they hold a fete which includes a sort of lottery for all their surplus plants and baskets. As our garden is both large and generally empty of flowers and shrubs we wanted to see if we could get a few items. Having visited, the only thing that limited what we bought was the size of our car and we left with some super plants at a brilliant price benefitting us and the school.


During the week we said goodbye to our first Priory guests who left us some lovely comments on the refurbished gîte, and farewell to Dave’s aunt and uncle who have been replaced in Hayloft with a lovely couple from Jersey and their very lively dog, Bentley.

Next week we will (promise) get around to taking our better images inside Priory and post them on our website and we will return to Granary to progress its refurbishment.  Dave also starts his French First Aid course on Thursday to enable him to get his Carte Professionelle for Personal Training in France – he’s a little bit nervous about it but am sure will do well.

I have mentioned before that among some of the things we miss being here in France is celebrating with friends when they have significant events happen.  In the last month a former colleague and friend who I served with in the Navy (as in former colleague current friend – I hope) was selected for promotion from Lieutenant Commander to Commander and yesterday another was awarded an OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.  Many congratulations to Ian and Angus respectively.

Three weeks before we collect (Le)Garratt.

Garratt at 6 weeks






À bientôt.