Sunday 20 January – Door’dling

As my last blog, the last 7 days have principally been focussed on progressing the new man shed and getting it as close to completion as I can and, externally at least, I’m not far off.

By last Sunday I had managed to complete the cladding on 2 sides.  Now, all of the exterior cladding has been fixed including the detailing around the windows and banging in annular nails to each board to match what we have done with Grange – although they do have a practical purpose as well.

This took a little longer than I had hoped (sound familiar?) but not as long as making the doors.

Because both are generally visible together, as you can see from the picture, I have attempted to make the human door (as a way to distinguish it from the machinery, barn-type doors) match the one made by Lee to access the games room.  Lee made the Games Room door from the same construction timber we made the building frame.  As such it is, thankfully, pretty basic and easy to replicate so I have done the same things with the small addition of a hole where we will put the cat flap to allow Mouse access to her new home.

Kergudon's new man shed almost complete externally

The barn doors have also taken a little longer than perhaps they should although I use the justification that, again, these are the first that I have made.  The biggest ‘problem’ has been working out how to hinge them so that they open outwards and, when closed, the cladding looks seamless and the doors are almost undetectable.  The only way I can think of making this work would require a lot more effort than I can justify for a shed and would need a different sort of pivoting hinge.

I would be far easier if I wanted the doors to open inwards but, for a couple of reasons, that isn’t practical.

As such, I have done the best I can while keeping the hinges hidden behind the cladding – although, when I do eventually get around to putting doors on the Grange garage bays the hinges will be on the outside.  I am pretty happy with how they have worked out and it will be even better when the wood has weathered so it is all one colour – and also to match Grange.

There are just a few things outstanding (including attaching the gutter  and installing the 2 long windows) before the exterior is complete and I can focus on clearing it out and working on important things on the inside – like electrics and lighting!

Kergudon's new man shed almost complete externally

I have been very fortunate this week that the weather has, mostly, allowed me to work outside.   Thankfully we haven’t experienced the frost and cold weather of much of the UK, in fact it has been very spring-like with bright, mild, periods interspersed with heavy downpours and some hail.  It does make for some good pictures if you’re in the right place at the right time – it’s just unfortunate this isn’t the prettiest side of Kergudon – yet.  That’s another project on the list!

Somewhere over the Rainbow

On the wettest day we chose to visit the Leclerc Cultural centre in Landerneau.  This is an exhibition space that we have visited before but only for their summer exhibitions.  These have been for some very celebrated artists (Chagall, Picasso and Henry Moore in the last 3 years) but we have never visited their smaller winter shows.

This year their winter event is of the American artist Joan Mitchell and the Canadian Jean-Paul Riopelle.  The exhibition is titled ‘A couple in excess / Nothing in moderation’ and showcases their abstract art, mainly in large format, through their relationship.

Jean-Paul Riopelle at the Fonds Leclerc

Jean-Paul Riopelle at the Fonds Leclerc

Joan Mitchell at the Fonds Leclerc

Joan Mitchell at the Fonds Leclerc

Neither were known to either of us before but I found their work striking, Riopelle especially, and it is certainly worth a visit.  We did ask if they could let us know who their summer exhibition would be focussed on but it remains secret.  Apparently not everything has been confirmed and signed but they seemed very excited that it was going to be big.  We will let you know as soon as we do.

The coming week will be continuing with the man shed, finishing the exterior completely; clearing the interior and starting to fit it out.  I will be able to actually use it in the next couple of weeks and Mouse will be grateful of a new home if the weather cools down.