Sunday 24th December – Joyeux Noël

Sunday 24th December – Joyeux Noël

My last blog seemed so long ago – and I apologise that I didn’t stick to my word and resume last Sunday but, hopefully, better late than never!

In the month since my last blog we have spent a couple of weeks back in the UK doing a quick pre-Christmas tour of as many friends and family as we could – and apologies that we couldn’t catch up with everyone we wanted in the time we had.  We were very fortunate with some great weather in the UK but we most enjoyed a couple of days in the snow when we were staying in Oxfordshire.  Sadly, despite being relatively high at 640 feet, Kergudon doesn’t often get any snow and it is always fun to mess around in!


Since being back we haven’t been the most productive, partly as the weather in France has been considerably wetter and windier than we had in the UK and partly, as we were exhausted from our ‘holiday’ and needed to recover!

Having decorated Hayloft before we travelled, as we welcomed guests there on the day we arrived home, in the last week we have decorated our own house and Priory, where we had guests arrive yesterday for a couple of nights.

Priory decorated for Christmas 2017 at Kergudon Gites Brittany

Priory Gite decorated for Christmas 2017 at Kergudon Gites Finistere









With the large poële and Christmas tree, Kergudon becomes a lovely festive place.  This year we have got a real tree and used our artificial one in Priory.  The tree came from the garden of one of our neighbours who, as serious horticulturalists, are creating a garden within a garden and were happy to lose the tree to create some space.

Kergudon's Christmas Tree 2017

Kergudon lounge decorated for Christmas 2017










We did manage to catch up with some of our old French classmates for an evening out last Sunday, which is my excuse for not posting a blog.  There is a large château in Châteauneuf-du-Faou which puts on an annual Christmas exhibition in the old stables which is well described on the attached link.  We had never managed to visit previously but it was proposed as a meet-up for a class reunion so gave us the excuse.  This year’s theme was ‘Alice in Wonderland’ as, it is claimed, the ‘Alice’ on which Lewis Carroll may have based his character, Alice Liddell, spent her holidays in the château.

Alice in Wonderland as Trevarez Christmas Exhibition 2017

Alice in Wonderland as Trevarez Christmas Exhibition 2017








Part of the event is the château being illuminated at night which, we had been told, were incredible to see.  Having visited – we aren’t convinced.  This year’s lights were a series of geometric shapes in contrasting colours which, whether you like them or not we appreciate is a matter of taste, but they certainly weren’t festive which we would have thought would be the purpose of a Christmas exhibition!  We’ll have to consider them next year.

Chateau Trevarez illuminated for Christmas 2017

Chateau Trevarez illuminated for Christmas 2017








We can’t promise to be terribly productive in the coming week either as it is looking to be a fairly stormy period and we might just hibernate with lots of lovely Christmas treats that David has been preparing – the jobs will still be waiting for me in 2018!

Until next week, we wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and peaceful festive period.

Bonnes Fêtes.