Sunday 29 December – Bonne année

Normally in this last blog post of the year, I would do a quick summary of the work and projects we have completed in the last 12 months.  With such a damp autumn I am worried that the list maybe a shorter one this year than previously but, not having had the chance to go back and read through my previous blogs of 2019 I will defer our annual summary until next Sunday.

This week has for us been enjoying Christmas and decorating the remaining gîtes for New Year guests.

For all of the ‘special’ days in the week we took the doggies on a special walk – it’s their Christmas too!  For Christmas Eve this was around the Lac du Drennec which, for the first time since we have lived here, is completely full at Christmas.  Just goes to show how wet it has been this autumn.

Lac Du Drennec

While walking around Lac du Drennec may not sound so special, in the past year the Gendarmes have, infuriatingly, been enforcing a new by-law that mandates dogs being kept on leads around the lake.  Even if we weren’t dog-owners we would think this is a really silly law as the lake is the perfect spot for taking dogs for a stroll and, we always believe, that any responsible dog-owner who knows their pet may be a bit boisterous with people should self-police and keep them on a lead.  It shouldn’t apply to everyone.

While we have heard of a number of people being fined, we risked that on a slightly cloudy Tuesday in winter there wouldn’t be too many gendarmes around.  Thankfully we were correct.

On Christmas Day we were blessed with the most fabulous clear blue skies – the best day in weeks here – so we did a long circuit to and from Kergudon via Saint Rivoal.

Garratt & Brandon

Very muddy underfoot but gave us 2 very tired dogs who slept while we enjoyed a fabulous Christmas dinner.  No room left for pud or Dave’s amazing cake (again!)

Boxing Day remained clear so, after 1 ½ hours washing up (you may recall the dishwasher has chosen this time to go duff) we went to Huelgoat for a walk in the enchanted forest.  It also meant we could pop into one of favourite pubs around which serves excellent beer brewed locally but in a more English style.

Since then it has been decorating Granary and Hayloft for new arrivals.  It feels slightly off putting up decorations when Christmas Day has passed!  Our Priory guests are still with us and will be through New Year, while our Stable guest has departed to be replaced by another couple.  Amazingly Stable has filled up with 3 couples staying between now and January 1st – the first time we have had this, it must be the new décor!

Hayloft is now occupied by a couple who arrived today and we have a group coming to Granary tomorrow so we are fully booked, which is a great way to end the year.  Let’s hope it continues into 2020.

Next week’s plans are to be decided.  Hopefully more walking with the hounds somewhere and a quiet night to welcome in the New Year.

Whatever you are planning we hope that you have an excellent evening and wish you all the best for 2020 – we hope to see some of you here.

Bonne année.