Sunday 3rd September – Automne

I can barely believe that it is the start of September already and so the start of meteorological autumn, and almost overnight the weather has turned suitably autumnal.  I like this time of the year possibly the most as it can create some lovely views with the early morning mists covering the hills and the fabulous changing colours.  However, for a couple of days this week it has meant more drizzly and damp conditions!

My focus for the week has been on 2 tasks that I have wanted to progress for a couple of weeks.  I completed one, and the other I made headway with.  Sadly neither are particularly photogenic although I have added a couple here partly to show what we have done but also, as we continue to do change and improve things in the future you can see the progress!

The 2 tasks were to complete the flooring in the upstairs room of Grange which I was able to do when it was damp.  Now complete and makes the space much safer to use!  It will allow me to start the remainder of the collars next week if it is wet.

Storage Room above Grange fully floored at Kergudon Gites

Upper floor of Grange fully floored at Kergudon Gites, Brittany








The second, which I have been speaking about for a few weeks, was to continue cutting the hedging.  I have gone from 1½ hedges to 3½ although that depends to some degree how I count!  While it doesn’t sound like a huge leap forward (and to be fair it probably isn’t) cutting these hedges is more clearing around the base and cutting out the brambles, ferns, oaks and sycamores that continue to germinate and grow – sometimes faster than the hedges themselves.

We have been amazed at how quickly the laurel on our boundary with Hent Gorreker has grown having cut it down in February last year but it is starting to make a half decent hedge.  We have planted many metres of new hedging and filled lots of gaps where the hedging was incomplete or buts have died. Sadly, for some reason, we have lost a number of privet plants between the Granary garden and the drive.  Normally, we understand, privet is a pretty robust indestructible hedge but these have just packed up thankfully we have been taking lots of cuttings that we are able to put in the gaps which should take a couple of years to fill in.  It’s going to take days to cut all the hedges in the future …

Laurel hedge recovering to make a neat boundary at Kergudon Gites, Brittany

Clearing the Granary garden side of the hedge has exposed some of the fantastic slate slabs that have been used to create the talus, but also where there aren’t any slabs for some reason.  Good job we have a number lying around to fill the gaps – just unfortunate our friends have gone home so we have no available muscle to help shift them again!  More hedging to be done when it is dry.

Inside Grange garden with the ancient slate slabs forming the base of the talus

A quick advert too for a couple of events coming up in and around Saint Cadou if you need an excuse to come for a visit.  The Pub St. Hubert is celebrating its 30th anniversary with music and activities on Saturday 16th September including a Hog Roast (Cochon Grillé) in the evening.  This is just a week before the village’s annual cochon grillé on 23rd September.  Also, what should be interesting, is a public open day at the barrage of the Lac du Drennec on 01 October which will give an opportunity to visit the hydroelectric station and see the workings of the barrage.