Sunday 08 January – Belated Bonne Année

Sunday 08 January – Belated Bonne Année

A belated Happy New Year to everyone.

I can’t believe that I haven’t posted a blog since the 27th November – many apologies.  We hope that everyone had an amazing Christmas and a fabulous New Year whatever you got up to.

The reason I haven’t written a blog since the end of November is that, for a couple of weeks before Christmas we were away from Kergudon on a rapid pre-festive tour of friends and family in the UK which was busy but great fun.  Apologies that we didn’t get around to seeing everyone that we wanted to – it is amazing how difficult it can be to catch up with everyone in just 2 weeks – and many thanks to those who did host us all (with 2 dogs it is now more of an ask for people to put us up and we are very grateful to those that did and we will catch up with proper TY cards!)

We returned home on 19th December and was immediately into the rush up to the big day decorating our own home and preparing everything that is required.  We had David’s uncle and aunt stay with us for Christmas and New Year which was great fun and meant we were able to get out and about waking the dogs but also visiting highlights of the region spending time in Roscoff, Quimper, Locronan and Morlaix.










While we had an ‘English’ Christmas, having the main meal and activities on the 25th rather than Christmas Eve as the French would do, we had a French New Year.  Dave made an amazing 8 course meal for 8 of us who sat down at 9 pm and ate through midnight into the New Year (although we did have a brief pause on the stroke of midnight to raise a glass to 2017!)

Because of our time back in the UK, despite the amazingly dry weather we continue to enjoy, there has been minimal progress on the garage (and we missed some of the deadlines on a number of our tasks on our ‘To Do’ list I have mentioned in previous blogs).  However, our builder is back with us tomorrow morning and I hope that we will get some momentum on the project.  The focus will initially be to finish the rafters on one of the bays and secure the floor so that we can have a dry space to continue working if the weather breaks.  January and February aren’t renowned for being the driest months and this very dry spell has to break soon – not least to allow the Drennec to fill up!

What I have been able to progress on my own is the stone wall at the back gate.  Not finished yet but I am really pleased with the progress – and we have planned ahead and I have includes some cabling in case we want to put some lights on the gate when we install them.

Before:                                                                             In progress:











This afternoon was the village gathering to eat Galette des Rois and drink mulled wine organised by the Comité des Fêtes.  The Galette des Rois is a traditional cake baked to celebrate Epiphany which includes a small charm that allows the finder the right to be King or Queen and wear the crown.  Saint Cadou has a get together each year in the Pub St Hubert to celebrate.  I had hoped to give you some dates of other activities taking place in the village as, those of you who read the blog often will know, we live in an amazingly active little village.  However, this year’s programme hasn’t been published as yet but I will let you know as soon as I can so you can plan your visit to us 😉











I don’t generally make New Year Resolutions and haven’t really done so this year but I will make a couple of ‘promises’ that I will blog each Sunday (unless there is a very good reason that I can’t and let you know as early as I can); that I will take many more photos to include on the blogs of our area and activities; that I will do all I can to get an average of 400 readers per blog and over 500 ‘Likes’ of Kergudon’s Facebook page.  Any assistance you can provide for the latter 2 would be hugely appreciated – please do share our page and my blogs and encourage your friends, family, colleagues – anyone – to join the Kergudon followers!

À la semaine prochaine.