Sunday 10 July – Slowly, Slowly

Looking back at the last week I have to admit that it has not been as productive outside as I would have liked – although that is not entirely my fault.

The first thing to say is that our Boot Room has already got good use from our clients, ourselves (our own, home, washing machine having broken down a few weeks ago and the new one not yet delivered – we are hoping this week), and our neighbour who is having their own utility room gutted and rebuilt so has used our laundrette!

The start of the week remained a little damper we would have liked so I couldn’t progress this week’s major task, getting the hedges cut, but improved dramatically during the week so I was able to start on Wednesday.  I got one hedge done but then felt guilty for making a lot of noise when we had a young couple and baby in Hayloft who may have wanted to enjoy the sun so I stopped until Thursday when they were departing.

Thursday was then when my, admittedly very cheap, hedge cutter broke down a few metres into the next hedge!  I had taken the decision last year that we would buy a hedge cutter we saw at a very good price in a brico (DIY) store thinking that even if it lasted a couple of years it would have probably paid for itself and wouldn’t be the end of the world to replace it.  Sadly it has only made a year and needs to be repaired.  I have not yet been out to buy another so that is tomorrow’s task when I will resume the cutting.

I mentioned last year that we had some good friends staying in Granary and we may take the odd day off.  This was the first time our friends had visited this part of France and they certainly made the most of it to explore so I was only able to spend a day with them, and Dave couldn’t join us as he was working that day.

It did go to highlight how much there is to do around and about us as they had a very full and enjoyable week and didn’t visit all of the places we would recommend – hopefully that means they will be back.

In their 5 ‘free’ days they visited a different area of Brittany.  Sunday was nominally a day of rest as they had driven all day from Picardie having attended the WW1 commemorations at Thiepval although we did walk around the Lac du Drennec with them and stopped at Au Lac for refreshment.  We placed Brandon in a rucsac and carried him around as he is too young for that distance and he hadn’t had his full jabs at that stage.  We took him to vet on Thursday so he is now fully vaccinated and we will be able to let him meet other dogs in the next couple of weeks which will be a relief as he has become a bit of a deadweight in the rucsac!

On Monday they visited Morlaix and Saint-Pol-de-Léon; Tuesday was Quimper and the WWII submarine pens at Lorient; Wednesday, a train and boat tour of Morlaix and the Île-de-Batz; Thursday were the museums of Brest and Friday I joined then for a canal walk in Huelgoat.  It shows that 1 week at Kergudon just isn’t enough!

As I haven’t achieved much that we have photographed during the week I have included some, unfortunately a bit grainy, pictures of Garratt and Brandon as I hadn’t done last week.  They continue to become great friends and it is lovely to watch them play together – and last week they had 2 teenage boys in Priory who really enjoyed playing with them and wearing them out!

Best of Friends 2Best of Friends

Sleeping Partners 2

More pictures and progress next week (if the weather remains kind …)