Sunday 11 January 2015 – Week 0

So we have arrived at our new home and new venture – very exciting.

In this blog I hope to give you an idea of what we are doing with Kergudon Gites, what is going on in the surroundings of St. Cadou and vicinity, now and planned ,and why this area, and our gites, make for the perfect holiday location year round.

I hope to give you an idea of who we are, how we ended up moving to Brittany and what our plans are for this amazing place.

We completed our purchase of Kergudon on New Year’s Eve 2014 giving us a huge focus for this year and have to thank Mark and Lynne Norton for making the purchase as smooth as it was and for all the work they put into Kergudon as the previous ‘custodians’ of these historic buildings.

Having arrived very late last Wednesday night our focus has been to make our own house, Kergudon itself, our home. We have built the bed, wardrobes, sofa, plumbed in the fridge and moved in properly yesterday (following 3 nights in Hayloft) when we enjoyed dinner in front of a cosy woodburner.  Toasty.

Next week the real work starts!

Please do have a look at our website and feel free to contact us.  I hope that you will enjoy following our adventure as much as we are looking forward to living it.