Sunday 13 November – To Do-ing

As anticipated at the end of last week’s blog, the weather was considerably wetter and colder than we had enjoyed previously which has meant we have made much more limited progress on our garage than the previous week.

It has however allowed us to focus on other tasks on our ever expanding ‘To Do’ list and start to tick off some of the jobs we have wanted to do.  Reassuringly, the outstanding number of jobs is fewer today than when we started the week (probably just means that we are not thinking hard enough of what else needs doing!)

The cold weather has also meant that I needed to restock our temporary wood store (you may remember that our previous wood store had to be demolished as it stood where the garage is now being built and ultimately we will build a new store behind the garage when complete).  This has allowed me to use one of my new ‘toys’ (as Dave insists on calling them) which was a hydraulic wood splitter.  It is brilliant – so much easier than using an axe or wedges and hammers – especially as the last time I did this I managed to smash a milk jug with a piece of flying wood.  A perfect direct hit that I couldn’t have achieved if I’d tried!


This should keep us going for a couple of weeks before needing the next lot!


Encouragingly, for the middle of November, we have had guests in all of our gîtes for the last 3 nights including an English couple and their very young son in Priory who are with us for 2 weeks.  Granary and Hayloft have French guests making the most of the public holiday last Friday to mark Armistice Day.  Annie, staying in Priory, has taken advantage of Dave’s onsite Personal Training services and has another session booked for next week we are glad that we cleaned the gym our again!

Last week Dave, as currently the sole trainer for New York Gym, had the daunting task of leading the warm up for a 10K run which is part of the annual St. Pol to Morlaix half marathon.  He had to motivate 750 runners before they started their race which was by far the largest audience he has ever had to perform in front of but, watching the video which is on our Facebook page, he did an amazing job.

Thankfully today has been a lovely clear day which, with the complete lack of light pollution that we enjoy here, has meant we were amazed by the brightness of the moon at dusk which we now understand to be a Supermoon and the brightest since 1948!  Sadly, our cameras that would have been able to capture it better weren’t charged but we will try and get it again tomorrow when we understand it is at its brightest.


The weather is due to be drier for at least the first part of next week so will give us the opportunity to progress the garage and provide more building photos …!

À bientôt.