Sunday 15 April – Déja Yew

There is a risk that this week’s blog could sound very similar (exactly the same!) as last week’s, as, again, my focus has been the 2 tasks of continuing the Games Room floor in Grange and planting our yew hedging.  To make sure it doesn’t, I will add a calendar of events coming up in and around Saint Cadou at the end to help you plan your holiday here!

With the Games Room, I have now completed and varnished approximately 2/3 of the floor so am making good progress.  The last 1/3 should be relatively quick once I have relocated all of the DIY detritus that has been gathering in the corner – oh to have my man-shed rebuilt at some point …

We have laid a runway across the newly varnished floor while we continue to corral our things in the storeroom which David has continued to make good progress with.

Games Room Floor Progressing

Games Room Floor










With the yews I have now planted 89% of the plants (I’ll let you figure out how many that actually is of the original 100!) which, most importantly, is the entire length of the rear wall where a hedge is most needed.  I have a home for the remainder which I hope to plant next week – and we are going to gift a couple to a neighbour who does bonsai for a hobby (which he is very good at) – should get something amazing in a decade or 2!  Even with the planting I get the impression we are likely to be benefitting the next owners of Kergudon rather than us!

Planting these yews has been a larger job than I had anticipated (sound familiar!) as it took much longer to clear around the hollies which had survived from our initial planting in 2016 especially next to the rear entrance of Kergudon which had become especially overgrown.  The clearing of this area expanded as I started to attack the exterior and the wall (talus) which borders Stréat al Louarn which borders us on the north side.

Inside the back boundary

A talus is effectively a ‘dry’ stone wall but one which is generally held together with soil and dirt.  The wall bordering Stréat al Louarn evidently used to be really attractive – and could still be along much of its length but needs much of the self-set bramble, nettle and various weeds removed which I will eventually get around to.  Sadly however, closest to the rear entrance, which we understand was created many years ago by driving a tractor through the talus, the stones have collapsed where they have been pushed out by the roots of self-set trees.

Streat al Louarn side of access

At some point, when time allows, I want to rebuild a wall on this side to mirror what we have done opposite although that is unlikely to be this year.

Rear access inside

Before that I will continue to clean the wall against the lane but be careful not to make it too pristine and ‘Disney’.

Having cleared out the bramble and weed which, while it looked unsightly did at least provide some sort of visual barrier on the boundary, we are a little more open.  As a result, we have added another task to our ‘To Do’ list – build a new fence to protect our new plants and prevent inquisitive dogs making a break for freedom!

Another highlight of the week has been the re-opening of the restaurant at the side of the Lac du Drennec last night.  After a year when, for a number of reasons, it remained closed we are delighted to have the restaurant back with Mercedes back as chef.  After a complete re-vamp giving it a new feel and colour scheme, for Saturday at least the menu looked very familiar as Merc opened with her (and our) favourites and what was popular before.

No pictures of the interior as yet as there is a little more to be done to complete the décor but they will come.  With Au Lac reopened as well as the Auberge du Menez in Saint Rivoal too, we are delighted to be able to have our 2 closest restaurants available.

That has been the principle focus of my work efforts this week so, as promised, I thought that I would take the opportunity to flag some of the activities happening in and around Saint Cadou in the summer.

28 – 29 April: Extreme Cowboy Racing at the riding school Randoloisirs near the barrage du Drennec.  We haven’t been to this before so will report after the event.

18 – 19 May: Fête du Bourg, Saint Cadou.  Following the success of last year’s festival held throughout the village, the Assomniak team are staging a second event which will see numerous bands and acts perform in a number of venues in Saint Cadou.

23 June: Saint Cadou Tantad.  The annual Fête de la Saint Jean held at the Salle des Fêtes in Saint Cadou which is best described as Breton Guy Fawkes night with a huge bonfire and lots of Breton music and dancing.  A similar fire is happening in the neighbouring village, Commana, who combines it with the French national Fête de la musique with lots of bands playing in the square.

30 June: Tribreizh.  The annual triathlon held in and around the Lac du Drennec.

12 July:  Tour de France comes to Sizun.  This year the tour is passing through the centre of our local market town, Sizun and through the Monts D’Arrée.  Kergudon would be the perfect base for watching this spectacle.

28 July: Annual Fireworks on the Lac du Drennec.  Loosely connected to France’s Fête National, Commana hold a firework display off the beach at Stammadec on the Lac du Drennec.

Lots of fun to be had in the forthcoming months.  In the forthcoming week, when the forecast looks to be the best we have had all year, I have one major challenge to achieve with a new toy that David has authorised – more in next week’s blog – and more flooring if I have to be inside!