Sunday 15 May – Now the Then

You are likely to be aware that my efforts for the last few weeks have been refurbishing Granary after a full re-wire.  I now have 6 days left before we have guests arriving so there is a firm deadline, which is probably a good thing!

This week has been very productive again so I am actually quite relaxed that I’ll make the deadline without too many late nights – although I have ‘de-scoped’ some of the work that I will be able to go back to in the following weeks if the gite isn’t occupied.

Last week, my blog focused on Granary as she looked when we arrived.  Or, at least the pictures were of Granary some years before we arrived, and she had become a little more ‘tired’ since they were taken!  The previous owners allowed us to stay in Granary during one of our very early research visits and David wouldn’t even sit on the sofa it was in such a poor state!

Our first refurbishment happened in 2015, already having worked on Hayloft and Priory to get them to state that we were happy to accept guests!

Granary’s was a fairly big refurb as we replaced the kitchen and en-suite bathroom totally; tiled large areas of the family bathroom; divided the single eaves bedroom room for 3 people into 2 rooms for 4 in total; and redecorated throughout.

What we didn’t have the time, or money, to do, although would have liked to, was rewire and replace the family bathroom completely.  This has been covered in this year’s work.

As I mentioned last week, I won’t show you pictures of where we are now but will publish a few of what we had made Granary into so you can compare with last week’s images (I have tried to use pictures of the same rooms to assist) and will see the difference next week.

This allows me to keep this blog brief and, if you’re familiar with Granary, or have looked at it on our website, won’t have any images which are unfamiliar to you.

While it has been a productive week in Granary, we have also welcomed Dave’s aunt and uncle back for their first trip since 2019 so we have re-visited a number of our favourite restaurants to show them what has changed or arrived since the pandemic.

They leave us next week when it will be the final straight for Granary which will involve lots and lots of cleaning!

Until the big reveal next week …