Sunday 15th February – Week 3 (sort of!)

So we have returned from our brief holiday where we had a fantastic time skiing in Canada (thank you very much for asking!) Very many thanks have to go to Melissa and Tom, one of Dave’s London PT clients, for their generosity on our holiday, and the real work starts at Kergudon.

This week we have been visited by a number of Dave’s family to view the new venture and assist with a number of things. Dave’s Dad helped me start the gîte renovations which have got underway; Dave’s Mum has been in the kitchen with Dave cooking up all sorts of treats including some delicious confiture d’orange and his aunt and uncle, Chris and Clint, have assisted by identifying great routes to drive from the cottages, visit some places of interest and review where to get a decent lunch on their tours – there are many choices which we will cover in future blogs.


While our guests have been here, and as our favourite restaurant, Au Lac, is closed for winter, we have had the opportunity to visit some new eateries. We’re really pleased to report that there are many excellent choices very close to us.

Last Wednesday we went to the next village, Saint Rivoal (5 kms away), and ate at the ‘Auberge du Menez’. Lovely food –I would recommend the baked camembert and beef tagine – and lots of it. We all left very satisfied. Friday we had an evening in the Pub St. Hubert in our village with local Britt beer and dinner and crepes cooked by Cathy who does an amazing job as landlady, chef and hostess. Fantastic fries and all superb value. Finally, on Saturday we went into Sizun (7 kms) to the restaurant ‘L’Oree des Monts’ which we tried to eat in last April during our first recce but couldn’t get in as it was fully booked. We can understand why – again great food (pizza being their speciality – I had ‘Indian’ which was curried – but they have many other choices) and good value.

All 3 restaurants are very different in style but it was great that we didn’t leave a single one feeling we had eaten a bad meal or that we hadn’t got good value. I’m enjoying this ‘research’ phase but already it seems that there is something for all of our guests in very close vicinity whatever food they are in the mood for!

Other than many trips to the decheterie (public tip) to dispose of many of the, now empty, boxes and rubbish, during the week we treated Dave’s parents to a trip to Castorama bricolage store (never let it be said we don’t know how to show guests a good time!) At Castorama we bought the kitchen units and items we will have in Granary and Hayloft – we think they are perfect and can’t wait to see them fitted.

Daoulas fish

Today, we took them to the weekly Sunday market at Daoulas (20 kms) to stock up on fromage and saucisson. It is an excellent market with lots of lovely produce (fruits de mer including fantastic looking crab, viande, legumes, rotisserie and many others) and, while the usual rule remains – get there early to get the best items, there were still excellent choices at a more civilised time.

Lots of plans for the week ahead – including continuing on with the refurbishment – but sadly no more willing assistants to help!

À bientôt.