Sunday 19 February – Taking A Fence

This week has been another productive period and, as anticipated, we have managed to start covering the roof of the garage although could only do a couple of days work on it.

The week started with preparation to welcome a journalist guest and her family to Kergudon who was working for one of the agencies we advertise Kergudon through, Sawdays.  This year Sawdays have tasked a number of journalists, photographers and writers to visit locations and look for family activities at quieter times of travel and we welcomed Jane Anderson, the editor of Family Traveller magazine, to come to Finistère in the February half term.

Jane came to us from Carnac and, during the couple of days she was with us, she and her family visited Menez Meur, Camaret-sur-Mer and the Crozon peninsular before heading north to Morlaix via Huelgoat.  While travelling she posted a number of tweets on her Family Traveller Twitter account but we expect to see the majority of her material produced over the next few weeks now she is back in the UK to publicise via her magazine and the Sawdays emails and newsletters.

We will share anything we see with you.

I mentioned a couple of weeks’ ago that one of the tasks that I had started and wanted to finish was replacing the fence between Granary and Hent Gorreker which had finally fallen apart over the winter (with a little help from our neighbour who had reversed into it!)  Although I had cut and stained the posts required it was only this week that I managed to remove the old and rebuild it.

While it has made a big difference, the effect will be even greater in a couple of weeks’ time when I am able to build a gate to close off the area completely from the lane.  It will also give me good practice for a number of other gates that I need to build in the next few months.

Of the couple of days that we were able to focus on the garage we made good progress.  Half a day was spent building ‘scaffolding’ at the front of the building to allow us safe access to the roof which has given us a really stable platform to work from and reach the bottom of the roof.  The second day felt like it took a lot longer to achieve a similar amount of roofing as we had to work much more carefully further up the slope and we had to be much more cautious with our footing while we progressed.  Another day on the front should be sufficient for the felt and wood layers and we can start slating – although sadly that won’t be able to happen for at least another week.

Finally, thank you to all those who contributed to the decision for which name we will give the garage.  The winning choice … will be announced on our Facebook page during the week!

Apologies in advance but, in keeping with my commitment made at the start of the year to forewarn when I won’t be able to post a blog, there won’t be an update next week but I will be back in 2 weeks’ time on Sunday 5th March.

À bientôt.