Sunday 19th November – What Else Wood I Do?

Last week’s blog said that my focus would be continuing with the lambris in the upstairs rooms of Grange, and that there were many days’ worth of work left to complete.  I was right on both counts!  It did also say that the forecast was to be dry and fantastic for autumn – that also turned out to be the case but, sadly, I thought it best to stay inside Grange rather than pick up any outside work – although of course there is lots of that to do too!

As I was fundamentally focussed on a single activity, this week’s blog will be pretty short – and I won’t actually share any pictures of the interior until next week when you will be able to see greater progress – but don’t think there hasn’t been any at all it has just been slow!

In the margins of doing the lambris we also fitted some additional lighting and a special feature on the front of Grange.

We were always planning on having a light above the games room door, which you can just see in the picture, but our electrician suggested that we have some illumination for the stairs as well.  We agreed and found some very small LED lights that I have installed on the side of the building.  While Grange doesn’t yet have its own power, you can see the effect with the help of an extension cable.  We are really pleased.

LED lights fitted to light the way to the games room above Grange at Kergudon Gites, Brittany

Unfortunately, despite looking, we weren’t able to find any attractive LED flood lights for the front of the building.  When the whole area is finished we are having a ‘boulodrome’ (pétanque pitch to you and me) and we thought it would be good to have some lighting so, if the pétanque gets especially competitive we can continue to play late into the evening.  Most of the LED floodlights we found were the same black square design so we have chosen to use them.  They’re not too offensive just a bit functional. We haven’t turned them on yet but David is concerned that I may have bought some that are bright enough to be seen from the moon so I am looking forward to when we can switch them on!

Floodlights and clock installed at the front of Grange, Kergudon Gites, Finistere

I have also mentioned in a previous blog that we were looking for some old railway sleepers which we will use to lay out the boulodrome, among other things.  This week we found someone selling some good quality sleepers near Locronon so we made a couple of trips to collect some ready for when I can focus on other tasks – at the speed this lambris is taking it could well be Easter!!

Railway sleepers acquired for garden projects at Kergudon Gites, Finistere

The weather has been really good last week – and should last for another couple of days – so we have enjoyed some fabulous sunsets in the evenings.  It was the perfect week for some open top motoring around the amazing roads of Finistère seeing the fantastic autumnal colours – and, when the garage is finished, Kergudon will be even more the perfect location to come and enjoy the season.

Fabulous sunset skies in autumn over the Monts D'Arree in Finistere as seen from Kergudon Gites

Next week – lambris, for a change!