Sunday 20 December – Normal service will be resumed …

In my last blog, I gave you a promise that I would post a blog today.  Perhaps that was rash of me and should be treated as a ‘politician’s promise’!

I said also there that was lots to do before we wind down for Christmas and that, with the travel restrictions lifted, we hoped to progress the utility room.

We have worked throughout the week – and managed to finally complete shredding all the branches of the ash trees we have felled – but not really on anything that makes for lovely pictures.

We did also progress the utility room as our friendly plumber was able to join us but not, sadly, complete due to the lack of some essential bits.  Hopefully early next week so we can at least get rid of the tumble dryer from our lounge!

We have managed to complete a couple of other minor tasks which I will cover in my next ‘proper’ blog, which I may manage to write before Christmas which is weeks away ……

À bientôt.