Sunday 25 November – You’ve Been Framed

The last week has been focussed on a single task – progressing the man shed build.  As such this blog will be very short.

I am pleased to say that I have made some good progress, which I am very pleased with, and with the frame now being complete, the footprint of the shed, as well as the door and access, is visible and it is a really good space.

Man Shed Frame

Man Shed Frame 2






I mentioned in last week’s blog that we couldn’t get the corner douglas posts from the same sawmill as we did for Grange as the owner had had an accident.  Thankfully, we found another mill which was able to cut the posts and I was able to collect them on Wednesday.


I was only able to complete the 3rd and final side of the shed once the post had been put in place as it needed to be lifted onto the spike that will help hold it in place.  This couldn’t be done until I had moved the power cable which provides the power to Grange.  Having wired it via the fusebox in Hayloft, we drilled a hole which came out inside the old shed but would be outside the new one.


A little channelling through the lime mortar of Hayloft allowed me to thread the cable between the slates and hide again behind some new mortar so it emerges ‘inside’ the shed.

The next task is to prepare and install the other 3 posts before I can cut the rafters to allow me to put the roof on.  Unfortunately that will now have to wait for a while – although not as long as the rendering which, I suspect, will be better to wait until the spring when it starts to warm up.  The longer I delay the rendering the longer Garratt can have his mound of sand which he seems to prefer as it gives him a higher spot to look out from!

Garratt Sand

I’m afraid there won’t be a blog for the next couple of weeks but I will be back on 16th December with an update.

Until then …