Sunday 26 September – Life and Death

I didn’t post a blog last week and we didn’t achieve as much as we’d hoped in the previous 7 days as life has a way of throwing you occasionally.

Very sadly, David’s mum passed away quite suddenly and unexpectedly, and we thought that he would go back to the UK to be with his dad.  In the end, David’s sister and family were able to spend some time with his dad and David will return shortly to spend some time with them before and after the funeral.

David was very close to his mum, and she, with David’s dad, had spent lots of time with us at Kergudon.  Regrettably, with the travel restriction of the last 18 months, we had not seen them in person since November 2019 and while they spoke frequently online, it is very sad that it had been so long since the last time we had been in their company.

As a result we had to change a couple of things we wanted to do, including a party to celebrate David’s recent significant birthday which adds to the sadness of the timing of his mum’s passing.  We have been very touched by the messages of support and kindness from our friends and Mercedes was very kind (as ever) when we visited the following day.

Sadly, David’s Mum wasn’t the only sad news we received in the last week as another friend, who we had made since moving to France, was recently diagnosed with cancer and is currently undergoing treatment in Landerneau.  We were at least able to visit the hospital and spend some time with them last week, and will do so again while they are there.  We are hoping they make a full recovery.

With these events our activities here are very much put into perspective.  I did manage to progress the hedge cutting that I had been undertaking.  I am happy with what I achieved and, while there are a couple of short lengths of hedge uncut, they can wait until the spring without a problem.

I am pleased that I managed to give our wisteria its biannual taming.  The larger it gets, the harder the late summer trim is getting as its vines get under the slates and between the stones.  Next year I am tempted to visit it more frequently to minimise the number of shoots getting under the roof and train them a little earlier where we want them to grow.

Towards the end of last week we spent a bit of time preparing the gîtes for next week’s guests which is a bit of an experiment.

In the spring we were approached by a lady who organises fasting / walking / meditation courses which she generally holds in a luxury hotel further east in Brittany.  She has always wanted to hold a similar course in the Monts D’Arrée but hadn’t found a location that she thought would be suitable – until she found Kergudon.

She is using our 4 cottages for herself and her clients with the large lounge area of Priory for her workshops and discussion groups.  The games room has been cleared to be used as the yoga and massage space. If she, and we, think it a success at the end of the week, it may offer other opportunities.

Kergudon's games room being used as a yoga space
Games room converted as a yoga and meditative space

The weather is looking a little unsettled for next week.  It may stay dry for the walkers but as they are here for tranquillity and meditation perhaps I won’t get much done with power tools!

Until next week.