Sunday 26th March – Spring Forward

A relatively short blog this week and with almost no phots I’m afraid.  Not because we haven’t been doing anything – we have – but because this has been a bitty sort of week when we haven’t really been able to focus on a single thing.

The weather has been a bit mixed and our builder couldn’t come all week, which meant that we have had to be in and out doing work on Grange as well as more wet weather choices none of which make for interesting photos.

We did manage to make some progress on Grange and have made the decision to switch our focus to the roof on the rear side and we constructed more wooden scaffolding to allow us access.  It was a little slower than the front as the ground is considerably softer with less room to manoeuvre between the building and the wall to the rear.

Wooden Scaffolding at the rear of the Grange garage being built at Kergudon Gites

Having taken the best part of a day to build the scaffolding we then had one day when we were able to start felting and nailing volige to the roof.  Another day should get it complete and in a position to start slating that side.

End of the first day voliging the rear roof of the Grange garage being built at Kergudon Gites

When we weren’t able to work on Grange we focussed, when the weather allowed, on garden projects including progressing the new stone wall to the rear entrance.  This included more chainsaw work as we reduced the height of 2 large old buxus-type trees which we want to train into more of a hedge.  The reason I want to finish the wall (as much as just to get it complete) is that I took a large number of lonicera cuttings to make a hedge on top of the wall and, thankfully the vast majority have rooted successfully but they will suffer if I don’t get them in the ground soon.

I have managed to progress the wall quite a lot and, again, another day should see it completed and ready to plant.  I will share photos of that hopefully next week.

I did manage to plant out some of the privet cuttings that I had taken but again have a lot more to do and, when it was wet, I prepared some wood which I will make 2 more gates from in the coming weeks – if I can find the right bolts I need.

Yesterday was by far the best weather of the week so we were able to spend the whole day in the garden and while David was getting back on top of the weeds in the rear ‘champignon’ beds I repaired the temporary wire fence around them which we have put up to keep our, and guests’, dogs off the beds as the mini buxus hedges grow.  When I put it up last year, in an effort to recycle (and save money), I used holly branches as the posts as I had just cut a large holly tree down.  However, turns out that holly drys out very quickly and either rots or snaps very easily so after storm Zeus much of the fencing had collapse.  They both look considerably better now especially as the lawn is starting to look great again having allowed it to get a little too long – 2 cuts last week is bringing it back to its former glory.

Next week we will be able to progress many more of our garden projects as the forecast is good and, sadly, our builder has put his back out so won’t be with us for a while.  We wish him a speedy recovery – as we really need to get Grange finished!!  It will allow me to post a few more pictures and start another project we really want to do to improve the front – expand and rebuild the ‘jungle bed’ at the front of Kergudon so we can plant our more interesting and exotic plants.  More walling required but only very small so shouldn’t take too long!

On the up side, with the clocks going forward last night it now stays light until well past 8 so should be able to have some long days …

À bientôt.