Sunday 28 April – Cold – er

I mentioned at the end of last week’s blog that David’s parents were to arrive with us on Easter Monday.  This they did bringing lots of gifts and things that we wanted (items we had ordered from the UK, such as new forks, which they kindly take delivery of, store and deliver during their visits) as well as something we didn’t – a cold virus!

David has been fortunate not to have been affected by the virus but it hit me so I haven’t had a terribly productive week other than one task.

We have however, despite the more spring-like weather than we have recently enjoyed, had a good week getting out and about to some new, and some familiar, places.

Easter Monday was dry and the hottest day of the week and the day the annual Marché sur l’Eau. Normally held in the car park next to barrage of the Lac du Drennec, this year they found some other water and for the first time it was held at the Maison de la Rivière in Sizun.

Sizun Marche sur l'eau 2019

The Maison was a good location as it afforded a little more space for the stalls and dining tables to spread out and the decent weather ensured it was well attended.  This region and area are proud of their local food, crafts and produce, many of which could be bought on the stalls, but a main focus of the market is lunch of local food enjoyed together.

Sizun Marche sur l'eau 2019

Tuesday, before I got struck with cold, we started the tree felling I spoke about last week.  We are fortunate to have lots of trees around the garden boundary although the majority are self-set ash and sycamore so were not planned and some are not in great shape or health.

Chopping some of the trees of the boundary of Kergudon

The first we felled are the ash trees just behind where I cleared the chicken run last week and the reason we chose these was we could fell them before building a serre in the space in the next few months.  Sadly, they are still lying where they fell as the weather, and my cold, has meant that I haven’t been able to cut then up.  A task for next week.

Ash trees felled on the Kergudon boundary

While David’s parents have been with us we have visited a couple of places we haven’t been to in our 4 years here.

On Wednesday we travelled out to Cap Sizun and the Pointe du Raz.  While this is just over an hour and a half from us, it is a very dramatic spot to visit especially so in a stiff wind.  With all the interesting towns around such as Audierne, Douarnenez, Locronon and Quimper, it makes for a great day out.

Pointe de Raz

Pointe de Raz

A place we have visited often before is Morlaix but, amazingly, we had never been to their acclaimed Saturday market held in the old market square.  Sadly I didn’t take any pictures but the market was excellent and, focussed mainly on fresh produce, there was lots of fabulous fruit, vegetables, fish, cheeses and meats.  Delicious.

From the market we continued north to the pretty seaside town of Carantec on the west side of the bay of Morlaix and for lunch at a restaurant we have been recommended a number of times – Chez Gaby.  Finally we made it and it is definitely worth a trip.  Chez Gaby is one of 3 restaurants with an excellent location facing one of the white sand Carantec beaches and has a great menu and atmosphere.

Carantec beach, Finistere

Last night was back at one of our favourite restaurants, Au Lac, on the lake, and tonight at the Auberge du Menez in Saint Rivoal.  It’s tough having guests!

With me being laid low Dave has done the majority of dog walking and one of his favourite routes at this time of year is through the forest where the bluebells are at their most lovely where he got these pictures.

Garratt Springer in the St Cadou forest, Spring 2019

Brandon Springer in the St. Cadou forest, spring 2019

Next week, back to full strength and with a promising forecast it back to work!