Sunday 29 April – Bit by Bit

We have just enjoyed another decent week weather-wise, although considerably cooler than earlier in the month.  It has meant that another week has passed when I have not continued with the floor in the games room!  However, we fully intend to have the games room available for the main season so it will be completed.

This week has actually been a series of smaller, ‘bittier’ jobs that has taken up our time so no major milestones met or achieved.  It has meant that a couple of things have been completed which have been outstanding for a while, none of which make good photos.

One of the most obvious is that we have managed to cover the newly planted jungle bed with some gravel mulch – helps with the amount of weeding that I was lamenting last week – and we have chosen to use a lighter colour gravel which will contrast with the grey gravel of the drive which we will replenish at some point in the coming months.

Jungle Bed Mulched

Having laid a gulley in front of Grange last week another of the bitty jobs was to remove the shuttering and cut the downpipes to the correct length.  With the one heavy downpour we experienced last week the gully seems to be doing its job as the interior of the garage is drying out.

Another task done was to spray the front driveway of Kergudon which I have been meaning to do for some time.  In last week’s blog I mentioned how long it has taken us to weed the flowerbeds but the driveway is also prone to weed growth and is much harder to weed manually.

Friday was a shopping day.  It was partly in the world’s favourite Swedish furniture store (yay!) where we have bought, among other things, some new bar stools for Priory replacing the old ones which were in the gîte when we arrived – it of course meant a few hours building things but they will look far better.

We did have a lovely couple stay with us in Hayloft during the week who left a very nice review on Trip Advisor.  Thanks to them.  They seemed to enjoy David’s cooking too as they had 2 of his 3 course dinners while they were staying with us.

Next week hopefully more progress on some things that I can take pictures of!

À bientôt.