Sunday 05 July – Lounging Around

When I wrote last week’s blog I said that we had a leaky shower which needed to be resolved quickly if we were to stand any chance of getting Priory complete, and that I wasn’t panicking (at that stage) that we would be able to finish on time.

Our plumber came back last Monday to sort the shower and, as we feared, one of the joints behind the tiles and plasterboard was weeping.  Thankfully, he was able to resolve only needing to remove a couple of tiles meaning that, having left it for a week to dry out, I have now retiled so when he comes back (again!) tomorrow to reattach the taps we should, finally have a water tight system.

As we managed to resolve the problem within the week we should be able to complete on time and, while I am still not panicking, the impending deadline is starting to focus my efforts!

Last week’s blog said that I needed to take a day to make sure the exterior of Hayloft was ready for its first guests of 2020.  This included a trip to the quarry for a trailer of stones which we had been meaning to get for over a year as the terrace was getting thin in places.  With a bit of weeding, clearing the wood we felled from the hedge and laying the new gravel it looks great again and can be enjoyed by our guests just as soon as the summer weather returns.

What our first Hayloft guests did enjoy was one of Dave’s fabulous 3 course suppers and the summer beef stew with Coreff beer remains popular as too the strawberry cheesecake.

I was back in Priory from Tuesday and David and I have had a productive week.  On Wednesday I did manage to empty the building of all the offcuts of wood, plasterboard and metal framework which on its own has made a big difference to the space.

We have a family arriving in Granary next Saturday but as that gîte is still acting as the store for Priory’s furniture and various items, I needed to progress the lounge side of Priory so we can move everything back across.  This has been the focus of the latter end of the week and has meant lots of staining, painting and varnishing.

For those familiar with Priory you will know the house is in 2 halves.  The lounge and mezzanine are one side of the central wall with the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms on the other.  As of this afternoon, the lounge side is complete and David has spent 2 full days dusting and cleaning.

Again, as we don’t want to spoil the big reveal when it is eventually all done, I won’t publish too many pictures but will give you a taste of the new lounge before we refurnish.

I have managed to sand and fill the family bathroom, hallway and second bedroom so I can start painting next week; as soon as the shower is complete the en-suite shouldn’t take too long which will only leave the kitchen and cloakroom – and they look like 2 weeks work between them!!

We had hoped to move all of Priory’s furniture out of Granary this afternoon but it wasn’t until 4pm that the weather became dry so we will need to do that tomorrow.  With a number of tasks that need to be completed in there before our guests arrive on Saturday there will be a day or so when I won’t be in Priory.  I’ll let you know next week if I have reached panic stage!

À bientôt.