Sunday 17th September – Come on Aileen (I know – its Eileen!)

This will be a very short blog, without photos,  as, to be honest, it probably hasn’t been the most productive of weeks.  This has been partly due to the weather and partly as both David and I have been feeling extremely worn out.

The weather has been particularly boring in terms of preventing me getting my teeth into anything outside as, given the choice, I would rather not work when I know that I will get soaked.  While the last two Septembers here have been dry and warm it rained at some point every day last week and was very showery for the rest.  The UK’s storm Aileen hit us too on Wednesday with some very gusty winds but, thankfully, no damage caused.

The fatigue we think is probably as we have come to the end of our main season when we have been working (almost) flat out and, with the weather changing from summer, we have unwound a bit and relaxed.  That said, David has still been busy with his clients and teaching his courses at New York Gym and we have been turning the gîtes around as, despite it being the end of the season, we are delighted to still have guests staying with us.

As a result all the tasks I have done last week have been fairly minor such as finishing the shelving for our stirage room in Grange; continuing with the cladding on the inside of the garage’s open car bays and ticking off some of the smaller jobs on our to-do list including trying to prepare our own poële which we will need to light again if the weather stays this cool.   Sadly none make for great photos.

I did want to take a picture on one of our many dog walks this week when we went out yesterday morning which was almost the only dry and sunny start of a day after a wet night.  There was a fabulous view looking towards Moguerou with the mist rising off the forest – but sadly I didn’t have anything to take a pic!  Hopefully I will be able to get one during the autumn.

We did go to the 30th Anniversary party of the Pub St. Hubert last night where Kathy had arranged a number of bands and a Hog Roast.  It was good fun and sets a high standard for the annual village Hog Roast next Sunday.  With Commana’s Horse Fair as well next Saturday it could be a social week ahead, and with us collecting something fun for the Grange games room tomorrow, there will be lots more to take pictures of for next week’s blog, as well as the work that I will do with renewed energy and vigour – honest!!

À bientôt.